What is the time frame to create an APP?

Typically 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of the app.

Will my APP be available in both Android and Apple stores?

Yes. Once we submit your APP and it is approved, it will be available in both stores.

Can I delete or add features once my APP has been submitted?

Yes, features can be deleted or added. Because of the method we use to create apps we can make changes relatively easily. However, changes and deletions are made on a case by case basis and we may have to charge for those that are more involved.

Can I change my APP background and or logo? 

Yes. However, there will be a fee of $50  to prepare the art work and resubmit it to the APP stores.

How can I promote my new APP?

We will provide you with a QR code as well as a links you can place on your website (if you don’t have a website, give us a call or check out our website for more information).  People can also search for your APP in the APP Stores.

Do I need a Website to be able to have an APP?

No, you can have your own APP without a Website presence. But if you’re looking for the most inexpensive way to advertise your Church, Organization or Business, having your own website is the way to go. Contact us at Chventures.com. We can build you a professional looking website that will enhance your online presence.

Why are you cheaper than the competition?

We use tools that enable us to produce fully functional apps with relative ease. While there are others on the market place that use the same techniques they have chosen to charge more. Of course, if you want a very specific APP that includes a lot of custom coding, then we may not be the company for you. However, be prepared to pay many thousands of dollars for your APP.

Do you provide support?

Yes. We stand behind our product and will work to fix any issues as soon as we can. There are many systems interacting that may cause an issue, such as: servers, networks, phone systems, new hardware or software updates. If it is simply a training issue, we are here to help! Contact us with any issues you might have.